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About DSV Consulting Engineers

Since 1986

Ownership and Financing

DSV was originally established on 1 January 1986 as a partnership,  was later converted to a close corporation and then to a (Pty) Ltd.. The (Pty) Ltd, as for the previous closed corporation, is wholly owned, controlled and financed by the Shareholders / Directors, currently Heinrich Badenhorst, Ruan Schnetler & Dirk du Toit.

Independence and Impartiality

DSV is an independent practice, which has no obligation to, ties with or commercial interest in any other professional practice or commercial concern, which could influence the professional judgement, decisions, recommendations and/or advice of the practice.


DSV is a registered member of Consulting Engineers South Africa, as well as the Green Building Council of South Africa.

Project Execution Procedures
The following outlines the processes and procedures used by DSV in the execution of projects entrusted to the practice:

A Responsible Principal is allocated to the project as a whole and he liaises with, and is responsible to the Client for the successful completion of the project.

A Project Leader (normally a Principal or Engineer) may be appointed to facilitate co-ordination and liaison between the various in-house groups involved on a project, should the size and complexity of the project warrant this. A detail project plan per installation is drawn up and updated with all relevant information throughout the design and construction stages.

A Principal, Engineer or Senior Technician, experienced in each specific installation, is responsible for the design, specification and construction stages of each specific installation.

Technical staff are assigned to each project or sub-project as and when required.

Depending on the size, nature and scope of the appointment, many of the above functions may be performed directly by the Responsible Principal or the Project Leader.

A project execution quality control system is used whereby the Project Leader ensures that the quality of work executed conforms to the written norms and standards set by DSV.

The Project Leader is assisted in his project co-ordination and control functions by a standardised, well-documented and proven system of guidance notes, models, examples, checklists, etc. The system is aided by computer-based software/systems.

At the completion of each stage of work, the project and work are reviewed by an evaluating Principal.

Quality Assurance Systems
Integral to the project execution procedures is a collection of quality systems, based on ISO 9001 of 2000, which guide the work execution and monitor the quality standards as set by DSV. These include :

BACK-UP SYSTEM: On each project, irrespective of size, at least two persons in the organisation remain involved and informed as to the status and details. This contributes to better and faster communication with Clients, Suppliers and Contractors and ensures continuity on all projects.

MONITOR SYSTEM: An experienced person in the organisation not involved in the detail of the specific project, is often used to monitor and review elements / portions of the work and act as sounding board. This is useful in the preparation of documentation and reports where different viewpoints may be incorporated.

PROJECT COSTING SYSTEM: All Principals and staff complete daily timesheets, accurate to the quarter hour. These are checked on a weekly basis by the Principal and loaded onto a computer-based project costing system on a fortnightly basis.

CHECKLISTS AND WORKLISTS: All Principals and staff make use of standard check- and work lists, as customised for the specific project, in the execution of the projects.

PRACTICE MANUALS: A well-documented set of practice manuals are used to set up standard procedures, structures, specifications, drawings, etc.

Professional Indemnity Insurance
DSV has professional indemnity insurance as required and coordinated by CESA. However, it is expressly agreed that the firm will not be held responsible for inadequacies in our brief. Whereas we will endeavour to assist in defining the brief, any failure to perform as a result of omissions or discrepancies in the brief remains the responsibility of those instructing us.

The total liability of DSV under or in connection with any Agreement shall not exceed the amount of our professional remuneration on the project, excluding recoverable reimbursements and expenses and a prescription period of 3 years from handover of the project shall apply.

Where the firm is approached, by the Client/Employer and/or any other Professional or Contractor involved in/on the project, for advice or an opinion, on any aspect of the project for which the firm has not specifically been employed and/or do not render an account, no liability for such advice/opinion shall attach to and/or be accepted by DSV.

If the Client/Employer wishes, because of his/your particular circumstances or otherwise, to obtain additional professional indemnity insurance for his particular project in excess of the amount of professional indemnity insurance of DSV, then we can assist to obtain such increased or special coverage at their cost.

DSV Consulting Engineers is a Level 4 contributor and an exempted mirco-enterprise.

Staff are selected according to their abilities and proven performance and the current staff complement is as follows:

Principals/Members: 0% shareholding by persons from previously disadvantaged communities.

Technical Staff: 25% from previously disadvantaged communities.

Administrative Staff: 30% from previously disadvantaged communities.

Emphasis is placed on the ongoing education, training and development of the Principals and Staff by training programmes, both internal and external.

Technical staff receive on-the-job training and are continuously coached and mentored by the Principals and Senior Staff.

DSV also employs students from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology for their one year in-service training period. These students are trained using an extensively documented training program to build their skills and confidence.

Vacation employment and training during University holidays is offered to selected students, insofar as workload and resources permit.


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